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Body Contouring

Reducing Stubborn Areas of Fat

Lipo-Light does what diet or exercise can’t!

“We have many clients who are at an appropriate weight, in good shape, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, yet despite their efforts, are bothered by spot deposits of fat that won’t disappear” says Dr.Lee Weiner, director of Oceanside Wellness Center in Oceanside, NY.

Dr. Weiner’s office offers Lipo-Light, the new laser like LED Body Slimming System. Lipo-Light is a new non-surgical FDA-approved device that targets deposits of fat that don’t ever want to go away, even with diet,thousands of crunches, or exercise. Dr. Weiner says it is completely non-surgical, non-invasive and reduces fat in the problem areas such as the abdomen, love handles, saddle bags, and inner thighs.

What is behind Lipo-Light is a technology that shrinks down the fat cells. Because of this, Lipo-Light is safe and preferred over other methods of fat reduction that use surgery, cooling, liposuction, focused ultrasound or chemical injections. This difference is important because it virtually eliminates any risk of skin,nerve, or muscle being damaged during the treatment. After treatment, the fat is gradually eliminated by the body’s immune system

There are many procedures, like liposuction or technologies that use cooling that permanently remove the fat calls. That may sound great, but the only problem is that our body needs the fat cells, and if fatcells are removed permanently, the fat will show up as pockets in other spots of the body weeks, months or years later. This principle is also an important part whyLipo-Light is body effective at reducing fat bulges without any future complications.

Lipo-Light takes only an 20 minutes per treatment area, with no downtime, no need for anesthesia, and optimal results are seen several months after treatment.

It is designed for modest fat bulges; it is not designed for those who are severely overweight or obese.

“Our patients are thrilled with their results from Lipo-Light and we’re pleased to offer them a safe approach without any potential complications,” says Dr. Weiner.


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