Knee Relief Program

Non-Shot, Non-Surgical Solution to KNEE PAIN

Dr. Lee with kneeknee laserknee massage

With Amazing New Technique, patients can experience pain relief and improved mobility after just A FEW VISITS!

In order to understand how we help you knee pain, you have to understand what leads to your knee pain and disability.

You have most likely been told you have arthritis, bone on bone pain, or a torn meniscus.  While these findings typically show up on X-Rays or MRI’s, the underlying cause of knee pain and disability typically comes from swelling in and around the knee joint, tendonitis and improper muscle length and strength of the muscles around the knee and the inability of ONE muscle that is unable to unlock the knee. 

The inability of the knee to unlock or bend, along with the swelling in the joint is why you have difficulty walking, going up or down stairs and have trouble getting up from a chair.  

Our knee pain relief program handles the underlying causes of knee pain.  This program will not involve any shots, injections, drugs or surgery and will not involve typical therapies such as heat, ultrasound, stretching and in office exercises like riding a bike.  These therapies provide a HIGH TECH combination of knee therapies not often seen in combination that will decrease pain, decrease swelling and increase mobility.  90% of our patients will feel an immediate increase knee flexibility with our Trigenics™ Knee technique!

Went to Dr Weiner with severe knee pain I could hardly walk. I was also skeptical about the laser treatments. Today I am pain free happy to walk and a believer in laser treatments. The best part it was accomplished in a few treatments. ~M.V.

 "Dr Weiner and his staff are very friendly and helpful. I have had knee pain for many years and was thinking about knee replacement. I read about a laser therapy treatment he offers. After a couple of treatments I could feel a noticeable improvement. As of today after 12 visits my knee feels 95% better. Thank you" ~S.M.

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