Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Lee for the past 5 years seeing him every week. I came to him with several lower back problems as well as neuropathy. I can honestly say my back pain has almost entirely disappeared. The office is so pleasant and I actually look forward to my appointments. I recommend Dr. Lee highly. He is the best chiropractor I have ever been too; and I have been to many."

- Barbara T.

"I have been going to Dr. Wiener's office for over 8 years and I would NEVER go anywhere else. If it was not for him I would not be taking my long walks on the boardwalk. He is the nicest Dr. you will ever meet! His staff is super friendly and accommodating. 5 stars all the way!! I 100% recommend Dr. Lee Weiner!"

- Karin L.

"Dr. Lee Weiner is the best chiropractor! I started seeing him as a patient 3 years ago because I was having issues with my lower back and hip. Thanks to him and my weekly visits I feel better than ever!"

- Josephine F.

"While it is only my second visit...the staff and the doctor himself made me feel very comfortable...cozy, clean and very friendly staff...the doctor actually listened to my saga and I actually find him quite funny! I plan on continuing with Dr. Weiner."

- Jane R.

"Dr. Weiner and his staff are amazing! I started coming to the Oceanside Wellness Center about 2 years ago after a car accident. After seeing countless doctors and specialists, this was the only place that truly helped alleviate my neck pain after the accident. They are amazingly kind and understanding when treating me and working around my very busy schedule."

- Lori J.

"Dr. Weiner has been excellent in every category i can think of, from his knowledge and technical skills to his careful listening and understanding of my shoulder pain issues. He's as smart and as kind as they come. Every one in his office has been professional, personable and very helpful with insurance issues and appointments. Never an unpleasant experience.

You will really feel comfortable and confident when you see how well run his office is. They are all truly dedicated in caring for their patients!"

- Mauricio R.

"My wife has tried for 2 months to have me visit the center, I thought had I tried everything and was thinking about surgery. Then I said okay one last chance. Its my left ankle with arthritis, severe swelling and is very difficult to walk on. After the first visit Dr. Weiner provided relief. 3 visits later and I can walk with less pain and see at least a 70% reduction in inflammation."

- Tom B.

"After four months of pain in my legs and going nowhere with physical therapy, Dr. Weiner helped me with his laser therapy after four treatments. It's a pleasure to be able to walk again without wincing in pain and limping. The office is friendly and compassionate and now my kids (23, 19) see Dr. Weiner for chiropractic care too!"

- Paula D.

"The first day that I walked into the office I was greeted with smiles and great personalities. Dr. Weiner explained to me my symptoms and what a plan of action would be to correct them. That was something that no other Dr has done for me. It is such a pleasure to come to this office. Dr. Weiner also has a state of the art orthotics machine which maps your feet and gets you the proper/custom made orthotics. In all my experience has been grand. I would recommend Oceanside Wellness to my family, friends and anyone in need of pain relief."

- John T.

"Last year I walked into Dr. Weiner's office in so much pain, depressed that I couldn't do many things with my children because of the pain. He was the first Doctor in 18 yrs that was able to actually determine the cause of my pain and help me... I am no longer going to acupuncture or the chiropractor every 2 days... Thank you Dr Weiner!"

- Maria V.

"Dr. Weiner and his staff are amazing. I always leave feeling relaxed and Dr. Weiner always gives me a good laugh while I'm there. I highly recommend this office to all my friends and family."

- Jennifer W.

"On a scale from 1-10 I walked in with lower back pain equivalent to a 9. I couldn't sleep and daily functioning was compromised. I went for three adjustments and two laser treatments. My pain is down to a 2-3 and sleeping without waking up. Thank you so much doc. Your sincerity and love for what you do shines and is definitely healing!"

- Mark D.


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