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Foot Pain Relief Program in Oceanside

Non-Shot, Non-Drug, Non-Surgical Solution to FOOT PAIN

Laser on footThe feet are the foundation of the body!  Feet are an engineering miracle and when they function correctly they support all of our weight with no pain whatsoever. The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons and THREE arches.

Problems occur when the arches of the feet are lost, EVEN JUST A MINOR BIT, leading to over- pronation and foot dysfunction leading to abnormal stress on the foot, causing pain, tendonitis and swelling.  Since the feet are the foundation of your body, if there is a problem with the foot, it eventually can lead to knee, leg, hip and back problems as well.  Also, if there is a back, pelvis or foot problem, it can cause difficulty walking, leading to foot pain.

Find the Relief You’ve Been Hoping For

Our FOOT PAIN RELIEF PROGRAM handles the underlying causes of foot pain.  Our evaluation will include a neurological and biomechanical evaluation of the “neurokinetic chain” of the low back, hip, knee and foot to find the underlying cause as well as a computerized foot scan to see if you have fallen arches.  Our therapies provide a high-tech combination of knee therapies not often seen together that will increase range of motion, decrease swelling and decrease pain.  Most patients will feel changes within just a few visits.

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