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Orthotics in Oceanside

Pain in heelThe Underlying Cause of Your Back, Hip, Knee and Ankle May Be 2 Feet Away! Call for a Free Biomechanical Foot Scan at Our New Kiosk! Be Supported, the RIGHT Way!

How Your Feet Relate to Your Pain

Even if your feet do not hurt, they may be and usually are a contributing factor to many aches and pain including, low back, hip, knee and ankle! The feet are the foundation of your body. Any loss of the arches of the feet has a dramatic impact on the body, changing the biomechanics.

These altered biomechanics over time will break down the joints and lead to wear and tear, breakdown, pain and discomfort in the foot, knee, hip, back and even neck and shoulders. Every time you take a step with improper arches or unbalanced feet, your body will be impacted with shock.

How Orthotics Help You

Custom-made functional orthotics are necessary and are most often critical to support the arches of the foot, restoring proper mechanics to the body. The foot was designed to absorb shock on the body. If the foot arches are lost, the shock will be absorbed in other parts of the body—even if there is NO PAIN in the foot. Every time you take a step, the improper shock is going into the other joints of the body.

Most, if not all patients, with ankle, knee, hip or low back pain have a loss of the arches of the foot. You may pick up your feet and see that there is an arch there, but all it takes is a subtle loss from when you sit to stand. A few millimeters makes a big difference. Did you know there are three arches of each foot

Understanding the Difference

Right now you might be questioning functional orthotics. What’s the difference? Can I just go to the store, stand on the machine and buy cheaper orthotics? Does my insurance cover these? I used to have them from my foot doctor and I did not like them!

Yes, you can go to the store and buy the cheaper orthotics, along with glasses that are not prescription or take medicines that are not prescription!

  • Only supports ONE arch of the foot, often overcorrects, causing more harm than good
  • Just provides cushioning, not custom support of the whole foot during gait
  • Durability is questionable, so you may spend more money over time
  • Offers a generic solution by placing your feet into a category
  • Most often supports only ONE arch of the foot, causing more harm than good
  • Most often overcorrects, causing more harm than good
  • Are RIGID orthotics, with a soft cover over an uncomfortable hard plastic, creating more shock
  • Provides CUSTOM-made support of the three arches of the foot
  • Individually designed based on over 80 measurements of the foot
  • Patented Gait Cycle System© offers support through each phase of gait
  • Are FLEXIBLE orthotics, providing more comfort and support proper pronation and range of motion of the foot
  • Promotes optimum posture to support your chiropractic adjustments
  • Company has been providing custom-made orthotics for over 65 years
  • Extremely high satisfaction rate with our patients over the last 15 years

Get Started Today

Foot Levelers’ custom-made, flexible foot orthotics are scientifically designed for the individual’s unique postural problems. Chiropractors know that orthotics help stabilize the feet, which helps level the pelvis, improve balance, and restore postural stability.

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