Weight Loss in Oceanside

ChiroThin: 2 Meals per Day & The Fat Melts Away

1. You’ll eat real food from the supermarket
2. You can still have your coffee
3. The supplement protocol is so simple
4. It is doctor supervised
5. Daily Supervision/ Email System!
6. Weekly Weigh Ins
7. Reduce cravings & increase energy
8. Lose 20-30 pounds or more in 40 days
9. Your ChiroThin doctor has over 10 years’ experience with weight loss
10. No drugs, injections , shots or surgery
11. You'll lose weight quickly and safely
12. Results in 40 days, not 6-7 months!
13. Much less costly than other similarly advertised programs.
14. Guaranteed - Lose 20 Pounds, or do a second round for free!

Our programs are simple to follow, require no starvation, no shots, no surgery, no prepackaged foods or even strenuous exercising. Our ChiroThin™ program remarkably helps the body burn fat and our patients have been extremely satisfied with the results. Not only do they lose significant weight, but they also gain control of their eating and fit into their clothes again.

Call my chiropractic office in Oceanside right now. When you do, my staff will schedule you for a consultation. You’ll learn what you need to do to “lose the weight” you want to lose,whether it’s 10 pounds or 100 pounds. The program works fast – you’ll lose weight in just the first week! You won’t be sorry, and you’ll be lighter by the end of the month.


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